Cameron is an internationally sought-after singing teacher and vocal coach, working with young singers on Broadway, Netflix, Nickelodeon, HBO, Apple TV, The Voice (USA, UK and Germany), major Hollywood movies, as well as students at the world's top conservatoires. His online voice studio comprises students from over 30 countries, including the USA, Europe and Asia. He loves working with total beginners, and setting up their technique in the best possible way from the outset.

Cameron trained at The Juilliard School (Fulbright Scholar), Royal Academy of Music, and Cambridge University. He has served on the faculties of Cambridge University, The Juilliard School Pre-College and New York University.

Not sure about online voice lessons? Most of Cameron's students have previously worked with local coaches and came to Cameron after not seeing the improvement they'd hoped for. As part of his school, you will receive studio-quality accompaniment tracks of your repertoire, as well as rigorous coaching in all skills related to singing with one of his outstanding associate teachers.


Please include a phone number in your email. You will always receive a response within 24 hours.


"There is no question Cameron will get you to where you want to be with your voice. His endless vocal techniques attack your goals in vocal performance with immense precision. I’ve worked in New York City professionally for fourteen years and Cameron’s ability to ease you into making your craft feel seamless and powerful is incredible. The patience and drive he has is unmatched. A fantastic human and vocal coach!"

Kevin Csolak, New York

(credits include: Broadway: Mean GirlsWest Side Story; film: West Side Story (dir. Spielberg 2021) 


"In our experience, Cameron exceeds his peers in the instruction of voice.  His methods and process are the right combination of conventional and revolutionary.  His tone is the right balance of teacher, expert, confidant and cheerleader. He is an uncommonly found master of the art of vocal training and a pleasant personality to boot."

Tom, father of Trinity Bliss, Los Angeles

(credits include: film: Avatar 2Avatar 3Avatar 3; commercials: Nissan)


"I started working with Cameron last year when I began auditioning for college musical theatre programs. With Cameron’s detail-oriented teaching style focused on creating a seamless and healthy sound, I was able to land a spot at my dream school! Each lesson I discover something new about my voice and I’m so excited to take what I’ve learned to Pace University!"

Bella DePaolo, New Jersey

I started working with Cameron to prepare for a competition, but his insight was so beneficial that I decided to continue working with him beyond that. He is incredibly knowledgeable and sensitive to the physiology of the voice, languages, and style. Cameron is also extremely efficient in the way he communicates his input which makes our work so much easier. Thanks to his help through coaching and doing recordings, I’ve been accepted directly into a master’s program (skipping bachelor’s) in the Hochschule der Künste [University of the Arts] in Bern, Switzerland. I can’t recommend him enough!

Andres Feliu, Portugal

"Working with Cameron is exceptional. My daughter has never learned more technique with anyone before, and we have seen a huge improvement in her command of her voice. Because of his extremely sensitive hearing, he picks-up every mistake instantly, and corrects her kindly with a detailed explanation of what is going wrong in her technique. If that does not help, he will create an exercise that resolves the issue. He never gets tired answering any question she might have and is excited about every improvement she makes. She has gone from being belter to a kid building amazing technique and love for singing. For Cameron it is not important that a kid can sing an unlimited amount of songs, but that they are well set-up technically and then grow up to learn songs themselves."

Sandra, Switzerland

(credits include: TV: Happy!)


"Our daughter (age 13) can attest that the quality and effectiveness of her voice lessons haven't skipped a beat, despite being virtual! Cameron is a truly exceptional voice teacher, with a wonderful teaching style and a warm British humbleness (his own accolades are lengthy and his students appear in theatre and film) - we cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone interested in voice lessons to improve their voice or sing professionally."

Francesca, New York